Ultimate Week of the Wedding Checklist
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closeup photo of ballpoint pen near camera

You’ve spent months-maybe even years-planning your wedding, and the final countdown has begun. The big day is almost here! And all that’s left to do is show up, right? Not so fast! The week leading up to your wedding is guaranteed to be a bit hectic with all the last-minute details to be taken care of. So where do you even start? We’ve put together the ultimate checklist for the week of your wedding so you can make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Bride Tip: Keep track of the list but delegate the tasks as needed. As the bride, you’ll need all the support you can get.

1. Test Drive Your Full Attire:

By now you should have all of your attire ready to go, but it’s a smart idea to have a “dress rehearsal” to make sure everything is perfect. Get help from someone who will be getting ready with you on the wedding morning, so they can figure out any tricky details ahead of time, such as a corset back, sleeves, bustled skirt, etc.  Tip: Remove makeup and jewelry when trying on your dress so you don’t stain or rip it.

2. Clean Your Ring:

Head to your jeweler to get your bling professionally cleaned so your wedding pieces can be extra sparkly for your special day.

3. Meet With Your Planner or Day-Of Coordinator:

If you have a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator, have a final meeting with them to discuss any last-minute details. 

4. Practice Your Vows:

If you’re planning on writing your vows last minute or the night before, DON’T! If you still need to finalize what you’ll say at the ceremony, now is the time to do it. Once you’ve perfected them, practice reading them out loud to yourself at least once, so that those butterflies at the altar won’t catch you off guard. 

5. Finish Packing For Your Honeymoon:

Take these last few days to round any miscellaneous things you plan to bring. Double-check that you have all the necessary documents (passports, IDs, confirmation numbers) ready to go.

6. Confirm Last Minute RSVPs:

Reach out to anyone who hasn’t sent an RSVP yet and find out if they will be attending or not. Otherwise, those MIA guests might show up and have nowhere to sit. 

7. Deliver the Final Headcount:

Give the final number of guests to your vendors or caterer at least a week before your wedding (or whenever required by your contracts)

8. Finalize the Seating Chart:

Now that most of the RSVPs are in, nail down that seating chart and send a copy to whoever might need it, such as the wedding coordinator, the photographer, and maid of honor.

9. Submit Your Final Shoot List:

Deliver this to your photographer and have a designated family member or member of the wedding party regularly check in with the photographer on the wedding day.

10. Check on the Marriage License:

Make sure your marriage license is finalized and assign someone to keep track of it to make sure it’s signed correctly and doesn’t get lost during all the excitement.

11. Confirm Honeymoon Logistics:

Make sure to double-check your flight times or other travel plans. Confirm your hotel bookings and any other activity or dinner reservations you have.

12. Confirm Vendors:

Check-in with your vendors with an email or a call the week before your wedding to confirm arrival time. This includes the hair and makeup team, florist, caterer, and DJ.

13. Answer Last Minute Emails:

Read through your inbox one last time and be sure to answer any pressing wedding questions before you head in the weekend of wedding fun!

14. Prepare Payments:

Get any checks or final payments ready for your vendors. Also, check your contracts for payment deadlines to be extra sure you’re on time.

15. Assign a Gift Grabber:

Choose a family member to collect the card box and any gift your guest brought and make sure they get it home to you safe and sound.

16. Check on the Rehearsal Dinner:

If someone else is in charge of the dinner, confirm the details with them. If you’re putting it together, give your caterer a call to go over the schedule details and the menu one last time.

17. Drop Off Items at the Venue:

If your venue approves, drop off boxes of decor or other wedding items ahead of time, so that you’re not lugging around extra boxes the day of. 

18. Pack an Emergency Wedding Day Kit:

This is a must-do! You can learn how to pack this essential item here.

19. Write Your Partner a Note:

Take a little time to jot down some words and feelings for your soon-to-be spouse to read the morning of the wedding. It will help get them excited and emotional for the day ahead for both of you.

20. Relax:

You’re almost done planning your wedding, so treat yourself! Take time to have a bath, get a massage, watch your favorite movie…whatever it takes to get you relaxed and refreshed for the big day.