Tips and Tricks to Have The Perfect Summer Wedding Day


Without a doubt, summertime is a beautiful season to say “I do”.  Everything is brighter, warmer, and happier. Plus some of the best honeymoon destinations are in prime during the summer months. 

However, with the beauty of summer also comes the high levels of heat and discomfort that threaten your special day. Especially if your ceremony or reception is outdoors, the summer heat can leave your guests wishing they were home instead of celebrating.

Fortunately, by following these tips and tricks you can avoid the summer wedding woes and enjoy your first day of forever!


1. Avoid The Hottest Part Of The Day

Ideally, you want to avoid being outside when the heat peaks, which is around 3 pm (depending on where you live). Especially if your ceremony is outdoors, we highly recommend waiting until mid to late evening to avoid everyone sweating in their wedding attire.


2. Provide A Way For Guests To Stay Cool

At hot, outdoor weddings, provide hand-held, battery-powered fans or stylish paper fans to beat to heat. Get creative; you can even choose fans that match your wedding palette!


3. Stay Hydrated

Ice cold water is essential on hot summer days. Serve your guests ice water with fun umbrellas or a slice of lemon or lime throughout the day. If your wedding is more casual, make sure to have easily accessible ice-filled coolers of bottled water.  


4. Avoid Heavy Foods

Instead of heavy, cream-filled foods that could make others sick in the heat, opt for light, fresh, and crisp food to energize your guests.


5. Cover Those Serving Platters

 Keep the bees and flies away by selecting plates and dishes that can be covered with lids. Also, avoid decorating the buffet or tables with bee-attracting flowers. 


6. Keep The Dress Code Light

The members of your bridal party are some of the most important people in your life, so keep their comfort in mind when choosing wedding attire. We recommend light and airy clothing.  Also, remember to keep you and your significant other cool and comfortable too. Your wedding day should be an amazing experience; you don’t want the day to be full of sweating, smearing make-up, and constant discomfort. 


7. Wear The Right Shoes

If your ceremony or reception is outside, choose a shoe with a thicker heel for you and your bridesmaids so you won’t be sinking into the soft summertime grass.


8. Skip The Perfume

If you don’t want swarms of bees around you, wait to apply perfume until the evening hours. This will also help you feel refreshed and ready for the night’s events. 


9. Save The Bouquets

To keep your flowers looking fresh, store your bouquet in the site’s refrigerator (or a cooler if a fridge isn’t available) so that it doesn’t lose moisture and color.


10. Choose A Dress Made Of Lighter Fabric

You don’t want sweat stains in all your wedding photos. So choose a gown with breathable fabric such as cotton organdy, chiffon, crepe, or voile over silk. 


By using these tips and tricks you’ll be able to enjoy every part of your wedding day. The summer heat will be no match for you and your new spouse!