5 Clever Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day
grayscale photography of groom and bride kissing on beach


grayscale photography of groom and bride kissing on beach

You found the dress of your dreams and married the love of your life in it. You spent so much time, money, and effort on this gown that you only wore for one day. Now, what do you do with it? 

Before you just throw it in the attic to collect dust, here are some fun and creative things you can do with your wedding dress after you’ve said, “I do”.

#1 Trash The Dress

Hear us out! This is a super fun way to have a memorable time and capture some amazing photos with your new spouse. Couples will jump into the ocean, have a mud fight, cover each other with colored chalk, or folic in a field without a second thought of their attire.

#2 Repurpose It 

There are many ways you can transform your dress into other beautiful and useful things! 

  • If you have children or hope to start a family after your wedding, consider turning your dress into a christening gown, a baby blanket, or a bassinet cover.


  • Use your dress to make pillows, tablecloths, or curtains to decorate your newlywed nest.


  • Wear your dress (or part of it) for more than one day; make it into a necklace, a cocktail dress, a scarf, or even lingerie. 

#3 Turn It Into Art

Make your wedding dress last a lifetime and have it turned into a work of art. Get it framed to create unique and beautiful artwork that means something to you.  You can have this done professionally, but there are plenty of DIY options too.

#4 Sell It

It’s no secret that wedding dresses are expensive. Luckily you can gain some of that money back in your pocket by selling your dress. These days there are a plethora of ways you can do that. Some sell their gowns on social media, such as Facebook Marketplace, or on sites that specialize in selling pre-owned wedding dresses, like Nearly Newlywed. You can make extra cash and pass along your dress to another bride-to-be (it’s a win-win!).

#5 Post-Wedding Photo Shoot

Wear your dress again and capture more photos in a less formal setting. Think about some places that are meaningful to you, where you can let loose and have fun with your new spouse without having to worry about the state of your dress.

OR Preserve it 

If all this talk of trashing, cutting, or framing your dress, never to be worn again causes you angst, the best option for you is to preserve your prized gown. This is a great option if you want to keep your dress as a family heirloom and pass it on one day or simply for sentimental reasons. Wedding dress preservation can range from $200 up to $1,000. But there are also easy ways you can do this yourself.

Your wedding dress can have use beyond your wedding day. By repurposing it, or simply passing it on, you’ll be reducing waste and sharing the love years after you’ve said “I do”.