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About Avante'

Avante’ Banquet and Conference Center opened it’s doors in September 2017. Located in the Village of Fox River Grove, 4 miles west of Barrington road on Northwest¬† Highway. Embrace the grandeur of our iconic building adorned with warmth and elegance.

The Renowned Chicago Prime Steakhouse family has been serving quality timeless dishes for 50 years to the pleasure of our guests.

We pride ourselves on quality personal service and look forward to helping you create a fun, elegant and memorable event at Avante’ Banquets.

Whether you are looking for a more intimate setting under 100 guests or looking to host 550 guests, our exceptional staff will be happy to accommodate your need.

Photos by TWA Photographic Artists & Becka Payauys Photography

About George

Photo by Becka Payauys Photography

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