2022 Wedding Trend Forecast
black and white abstract painting


black and white abstract painting

A new year is on the horizon and will be here before we know it, bringing with it fresh perspective and exciting new experiences, especially if this is the year of your wedding! Your big day may seem far away (countdowns, anyone?) but it’s time to take a look at the up and coming trends of 2022 that are sweeping through the wedding industry. 

You should expect to see bold colors, non-traditional statements and uniquely crafted details that reflect the couple’s individuality and create an exclusive experience for their guests. 

#1 Intimate Weddings

Guest lists have drastically changed in recent years. In 2022, (and going into 2023) couples are embracing a smaller guest list and choosing to have a more intimate setting inviting only close family and friends. A lessened amount of guests also allows for more freedom to spend in other areas such as floral arrangements and specialty vendors. 

#2 Weekday events

In 2022 there are estimated to be about 2.5 million weddings! Some vendors are already booked well into 2023.  So it’s no surprise that the trend of weekday events is on the rise. Weddings have been postponed and rescheduled so many times that couples are ready to get married no matter the day. And a big perk to that is saving money!

#3 Destination Weddings

man and woman kissing on top of gray rock at beach

With smaller guest counts, destination weddings are trending once again. Cooped-up couples are ready to get out of town and have a change of scenery. But instead of jetting overseas they’re opting for closer getaways to nearby towns or going down South. It’s a celebration and vacation all wrapped in one!

#4 Tossing Traditions

In today’s world, there is the freedom to unapologetically express yourself. That being said, brides are using that freedom to ditch old, outdated traditions that don’t fit with their vision for their wedding day, such as the bouquet toss, the garter toss, and even formal introductions. So if you find yourself wondering “why” when it comes to different wedding traditions, that’s your sign to not include it on your wedding day! 

#5 Gold Tones 

This metallic color has been in the shadows for years, but now wedding experts are seeing it step back into the spotlight at an alarming rate. Gold in the chairs, in the flatware, in the linens, in the invitations; the hues can perfectly blend with any wedding style, whether classic or modern. Expect to see the glint of gold in almost all 2022 weddings.

#6 Bold Color Palettes

Color palettes are how your wedding all comes together. Nowadays brides are creating amazing, unique color combinations.  Some of the most popular ones on the rise are: 

  • DARK: Black is not just for Halloween anymore. A dark color palette is gaining popularity for fall and winter weddings for couples who want something besides traditional colors.

  • CORAL: Bright and cheery, this palette is a great choice for brides wanting something fresh and fun. Look out for all the shades of this vibrant color in 2022.

  • SILVER, MUSTARD, AND DUSTY ROSE: This current combination is taking over the wedding scene for color schemes, making its appearance in spring and early fall weddings. Brides who are planning a boho, rustic, or garden wedding usually choose this palette.

#7 Eco-friendly Wedding

Weddings that take care of not only the guest but also the earth are trending right now. With so many wedding vendors and venues offering environmentally friendly options couples have endless options to choose from. Some of these include recycled paper invitations, farm-to-table dining, reusable décor, or biodegradable table settings.