7 wedding reception decorations you’ll fall in love with.


In 2018, the average couple spent more than $44,000 on their wedding. That may sound like a lot, but when you consider everything that goes into planning a wedding, it’s easy to see how the costs add up.

There’s the clothes, the food, and the music, not to mention if you’re covering the cost of transportation and other services for guests. 

One of the best places where you can spend your wedding budget is on wedding venue decorations. You want to find the perfect venue that does a lot of weddings, because they will know how to pull off your special day and keep things running smoothly. The way to decorate the space, then, is what personalizes it and make it your own.

Below, we’re sharing seven ideas for wedding reception decorations that you and your fiancé are guaranteed to love. Read on to learn more, and start planning today!

1. Winter Wonderland

There are great reasons to have a winter wedding. Everyone is already in a festive mood because of the holidays, and gathering friends and family together makes the most magical time of the year feel even more special.

Having a winter wedding also opens up lots of possibilities for how to decoration wedding reception spaces. Just take your inspiration from the season! Depending on where your wedding is, it may or may not be a winter wonderful full of snow outside. Either way, you can create a winter wonderland inside.

Snowflakes and pine trees – real or fake – are always festive decorations for a winter wedding. If you want a more modern approach, decorate in colors inspired by the season, like glittery white and ice blue, or red and green.


2. Color Block

Because planning a wedding can get so expensive, it’s important to consider ideas for wedding décor on a budget. Keeping everything in two or three colors can be a great way to save money, but it still makes a dramatic statement. It may be inexpensive, but it doesn’t look cheap.

For example, you can use white table cloths, and then decorate your tables with centerpieces in a contrasting color. A simple bouquet of flowers that are all the same color makes a statement, and immediately grabs people’s attention, especially if you use a dark color like deep red or purple. Personalize this idea by incorporating your specific wedding colors.  


3. Outdoor Garden

Outdoor reception decorations should enhance the natural beauty of the venue you’ve chosen, rather than detract from it or try to compete with it. It’s important for you to evaluate the space first, before you beginning planning how you’ll decorate. If it’s a modern outdoor venue, you’ll decorate very differently than you would if it has a more elegant or antique feel.

No matter what kind of space it is, try to find ways to decorate with more flowers and natural elements, rather than adding bells and whistles that feel out of place outside. If your venue has a lot of greenery already, you can add more to create the feel of a lush, hidden garden. 

If your space is more architectural, then tall flower arrangements would be a nice addition. If the space gives you a minimalist vibe, think about keeping it simple with small vases and votive candles.


4. Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart tables have been rising in popularity at wedding receptions. The idea of the sweetheart table is that just the newlyweds sit there, and enjoy their first meal as a married couple together. If you decide to go this route, you should consider your sweetheart table as another element of your reception’s décor.

You want the sweetheart table to stand out, without clashing with all the other tables. This could be as simple as using the same linens, but having a different centerpiece. You also don’t want to set up your sweetheart table too far apart from the others. It’s important that guests still feel like they can approach you.  


5. Simple and Rustic

When you’re having your reception in a beautiful venue, sometimes you want the natural look and feel of the space to be the highlight. Simple, rustic wedding venue decorations let the natural beauty of your venue shine. This style is also a great way to incorporate wedding décor on a budget.

Rather than using colored table clothes, use table runners in a neutral color that matches one of the elements of your venue. Simple greenery or a bouquet of white flowers are perfect centerpiece ideas for this style of decoration.


6. Place-Based Inspiration

If you and your fiancé have a favorite city or a favorite destination where you’ve traveled together, that can be the inspiration for your wedding venue decorations. For example, if you love Paris, you can use Eiffel Tower replicas in your centerpieces. If you love New York, you can find ways to incorporate the city’s iconic yellow cabs.

Europe is also always a great source of inspiration, whether you want a Parisian chic vibe or want to pay homage to minimalist Scandinavian design trends.


7. Memory Lane

The best way to make your wedding décor feel personal is to literally decorate with pictures from your own life. There are so many creative wedding reception tables ideas that you can implement using pictures of you and your fiancé. For example, instead of written out table numbers, you can indicate the number with a picture of you or your fiancé from that age.

Displaying photos from your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings is also a sweet way to recognize the people you love the most. If some of your family have passed, it honors their memory and ensures they are present at your wedding in some way. 


Want More Ideas for Wedding Reception Decorations? 

Your wedding reception is the best opportunity you and your fiancé have to celebrate with your friends and family. Wedding reception decorations that feel personal to you and represent your style will make the event even more special.

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