You Cannot Forget These 10 Essentials On Your Wedding Website
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There are an enormous amount of details that go into a wedding. There will likely be more than just one event leading up to and after you tie the knot. Gone are the days of 8 piece paper invitation suites that cost thousands of dollars just for your guests to throw away after the big day. A wedding website is the best (and least expensive) way to ensure your guests have all the essential information. Many easy-to-use and free wedding website builders beautifully display all your wedding information and can even track your RSVPs. Some of our favorites are The Knot, Zola, and Joy.

All that to say, what exactly is the correct information to put on your website? Read on to find out!

Location of the wedding and reception

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Location details are essential information that must be on your website for obvious reasons. In most cases, the address of your ceremony and reception venues will not fit on your physical invites, or they clutter up your desired aesthetic. This critical information will be displayed where it can easily be seen or accessed by your guests.


Let guests know how to RSVP to your wedding and when. Most wedding planning services make it easy for guests to RSVP and keep track of all details. You can also include extra information such as dress code or adults-only. You may also remind guests that you can only accommodate plus-ones included on their invite.

Event Schedule

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Will you be hosting a rehearsal dinner or a morning-after brunch? Help your guests plan accordingly by having a timeline of events before or after your main event. Avoid displaying private events such as bachelorette parties or bridal showers. Private events should have a separate invite to prevent complications. 

Travel and Accommodations

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Is your venue a little tricky to find? Having a detailed map and directions will come in handy for your guests. If you are tying the knot and celebrating at different venues, let guests know how long it will take to get there. 

Make it easy for your guests to find a place to stay by including accommodation recommendations. This information will be extra beneficial if you have a destination or overseas wedding.

The Dress Code

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It’s essential to inform your guests what kind of attire to wear. Will it be black tie or white tie? Can guests show up in jeans, or do they need to find themselves a formal suit jacket? Laying out a clear dress code will help everyone understand the formality of the wedding.

Your Contact Info

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If guests still have questions, how do you want them to contact you? If you prefer someone else to handle the questions, have your wedding planner, maid of honor, or a designated family member’s information on the website. You’ve got enough on your plate already!

Registry and Gift Information


It’s not rude to let your guests know where and how to give you gifts; they want to know! Link all your registries to your website for easy access and share all the information on any special funds and how they can contribute.

Honeymoon Info

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Your friends and family love hearing about all the fun details! Tell them where you plan to honeymoon and how long you will be gone. Add some pretty photos of the location and how they can give to your honeymoon fund if you have one.

Your Bridal Party

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Knowing who your bridal party is can be helpful for guests as they might be interacting with them during certain events and even at the wedding. Add some photos and share how you met and what role they will play. Bridal party information is a great way to add more personal touch to your wedding website.

Your Love Story

Your love story is why everyone is gathering together for your special day! Some may not know how you and your spouse-to-be met or the proposal story! Your wedding website is the perfect spot to share those sweet stories with your loved ones.

With these details on your site, you can rest assured that everything everyone needs to know is easily accessible and available to all your guests in a beautiful and memorable way.