Unique Ways To Incorporate Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue Into Your Wedding Day
teal Volkswagen Beetle car parked beside sidewalk


teal Volkswagen Beetle car parked beside sidewalk

You have most likely heard of this English rhyme when it comes to your wedding day: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This little poem has evolved into one of the most well-known wedding traditions used by British and American brides. The idea is that she includes something that references each item into her wedding day attire as symbols of good luck, honor, and future happiness. However, there are increasing numbers of brides also incorporating the tradition in different areas of the wedding such as décor, so you are certainly not limited to wearables!

As local wedding experts, we’ve seen so many beautiful and fun ways brides have weaved this tradition into their big day. Some may surprise you! Read on to be inspired.

Something Old

grayscale photo of Eiffel tower on top of white envelope

A Vintage Getaway Car

Do you have a friend or family member that fixes old cars? Ask to borrow one as your getaway car. Or maybe you’ve seen a photo of your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding day with a particular make in it? You could even recreate that photo with your new spouse!


Speaking of photos, adding old photographs into your look or decor is a wonderful way to look back on memorable moments in you and your partner’s life together or remember loved ones who couldn’t be there. Some brides choose to have a display table with these pictures. You can even incorporate them into your bouquet or wear a locket with the photos inside.

Family Heirloom

A family heirloom is the most popular way to include the “something old” tradition. You can wear a gorgeous pair of your mother’s earrings or sew on some of the pearls from your grandmother’s collection onto your gown. 

Something New

clear glass perfume bottle with white flowers

Your Wedding Dress

Here’s a freebie for you! Many people will argue your “something new” can easily count as the wedding gown you’ve picked out.


Surprise your new spouse with a fresh scent on your wedding day. They say your sense of smell is the strongest link to memories, so every time you are wearing this perfume you and your spouse will be brought back to your wedding day. Wear it again on your first anniversary to relive all those magical moments.

Embroidery Of Your New Name

Your name will be new, technically, so could embroider it on the inside of your dress (by the back zipper, or somewhere otherwise unseen) as a sweet, sentimental nod to the tradition and your spouse.

Something Borrowed

man and woman dancing wearing casual dresses

The Veil

 A veil is a perfect thing to borrow for your wedding ceremony. Maybe you already have your dress picked out, so ask a friend or relative if they wouldn’t mind lending you the finishing touch.

The Dress

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so why not honor a special woman in your life by wearing her wedding dress down the aisle? With their permission, you can even make alterations to suit the dress to match your personal style.

The First Dance Song

Your ‘something borrowed’ doesn’t always have to be tangible – you could ‘borrow’ your first dance track from your parents, grandparents or another loved one. The ones in the know will be so happy to hear it.

Something Blue

silver and gold rings in box


A pop of blue can freshen up and add a little playfulness to your look. If you pick out the right pair they can be worn more than just on your wedding day.


As if you needed any more reasons to drip in jewels on your wedding day, wear a sapphire necklace, ring, or bracelet to incorporate “something blue” into your look.

Ring Box or Cushion

Make sure your rings are safe and snug for your ceremony in a blue velvet box or a pretty cushion decorated with blue ribbons.

However you decide to implement this fun and easy tradition, you can be sure that will only bring more beauty and sentiment into your first day of forever!