Pros and Cons of a First Look
man in black suit jacket and woman in white wedding dress walking on road during daytime


man in black suit jacket and woman in white wedding dress walking on road during daytime

There are so many choices to make for your wedding day. Deciding to do a first look or not can be challenging. We are here to show you some pros and cons of a first look to help you narrow down your decision! Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Make your decision based on what you want for your wedding day! 


Saves Time

Having a first look before the wedding will allow you time to get your bridal photos before the wedding and you’ll have a shorter time in between the ceremony and reception. This gets the party going sooner and ensures there are no bored guests awaiting your arrival! 

Moment Together 

We all know the day of your wedding can go by in just a blink of an eye! The day is extremely full and the movement of it all can take you away from the fact that you are married to the love of your life. A first look gives you two a moment to have an intimate and sweet time alone together before the day gets started. This will be cherished between the two of you forever. 

Personal Letters 

Personal letters add an extra touch of sentiment to your day. They’re different from vows, you can share a memory, a quality trait you love about them, your hope for the day, and the rest of your marriage! Instead of reading these letters apart from each other, read them to each other just moments before you go and say, “I do”. A first look gives you this time to speak your hearts to each other in an intimate setting together before you’re surrounded by people for the rest of the wedding day. The best wedding advice ever given is “slow down”!!” 

Personal Photos 

Having a personal time to see each other before the wedding is often very sweet and capturing this moment holds so much significance. You won’t feel very rushed for these, you can give yourself as much time as you like to soak up moments together before the big day. You’ll capture the genuine excitement to be marrying the love of your life in a few short hours. You can even take this extra time to do some documenting yourself!  


You Lose your “Moment” Down the Aisle. 

Because you had a first look, the big moment down the aisle may not be as meaningful since you have already seen each other. If you’re looking for a grand entrance, a first look may not be 

You Aren’t Actually Alone

If you feel a little awkward around cameras, or the photographers are the only people around, it might become distracting and take away from your moment “alone”. All the clicking and moving around you could distract from the intimacy of the moment. 

Bouquet or Dress Could Ruin Before the Ceremony

Because you will be taking photos together before the wedding, there is a small risk of damage to your dress or bouquet before anyone else gets to see it. 

You Have to Start Getting Ready Earlier 

Because you will have at least an hour and a half of time for the first look and pictures, you will have to be ready earlier which means you have to get up earlier. This could make you more tired for the day of the wedding, we all know how important beauty rest is. 


There you have it! Pros and Cons of a first look.  I hope this helped you narrow down your decision. Just know, whatever you choose to do, your wedding will be one of the most beautiful days of your life, full of happiness and unforgettable memories. Remember to take in every single moment of your big day and at the end of all things, this day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse!